Socialise our struggles

Our world is in crisis. For some aspects of the world, this is a good thing. More and more people are starting to see institutions like capitalism, racism, and homophobia for the shams they are and taking to the streets.We make the road by walking. As our diverse paths cross we have the chance to make an injury to one an injury to all. Your struggle is our struggle. Tomorow’s revolution will be better than yesterday’s because we will be re-made by the experiences we share with one another.

This blog is about wandering in the wide and beautiful commons between the frontlines, utopian experiements, and back again. It is in this landscape that we meet each other, share stories and develop and commonise our struggles. It makes no claim to being distinctive from the many other similar sites out there. Posts include commentary pieces, (untimely) book reviews, statements from grassroots groups in struggle, and pointers towards good articles published elsewhere. In the interests of sharing ideas, do feel welcome to leave comments, especially if you disagree. Or, get in touch: socialisestruggle [at] gmail [dot] com.