“it is the walk, the process of questioning as we walk, that enriched our growth, and helped us discover that strength is different when we are side by side, when there is no one to tell us what we have to do, but rather when we decide who we are” – Neka, activist in 2001 Buenos Aires uprising

Four main kinds of posts are published on this site. See descriptions below. Click on the categories or tags on the right to start browsing content.

ARTICLES: Commentary and opinion about the system and movement against.

BOOK REVIEWS: Any books that I find particularly relevant or thought provoking I try to write about them here. I use this as a platform to help me untangle (and not forget) some of the implications or ideas I get from reading and also as signposts for any readers looking for good books. I try to write about less well-known books so as to support authors or collectives who are outside of the dominant publishing industry but are doing good work. And reviews are anything but timely.

STATEMENTS AND COMMUNIQUÉS: What good is being the media if communication doesn’t empower? Here are some inspirational statements from grassroots organisations and collectives in struggle which deserve to be shared (so please do share – if your group has made such a statement, let me know, and if you read something you like, forward it and help the people who said it to be heard). Most are current, but you will see the occasional story about notable ones from the past.

POSTS OF THE MONTH: Consider this a Twitter feed on a timescale suitable for those of us who still have a life outside of the internet. Brief synopsis of blog posts and articles I found particularly good during the month but which I didnt have time to engage properly with.